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12:00 am Pirates in Paradise @ Sucia @ Sucia
Pirates in Paradise @ Sucia @ Sucia
Aug 11 @ 12:00 am – Aug 12 @ 12:00 am
This event was scheduled to be the annual Crash ‘n’ Burn. However, we have decided to take some liberties this year and change it to a good old fashioned campout with a pirate theme. Thurs. 8/9 Big boats to land on the dock. Contact Jeff or Mitch if you can help Fri. 8/10 Arrival of the fleet 6pm. BYOB & potluck appys. on the dock Sat. 8/11 8am. Coffee & eye-openers on the dock 10am. Pirate ship auction For those new to SYC, we’ll be bringing back the ever-popular pirate ship race (aka horse race) on the docks. This has been very popular because there are only 6 ships available (wood cut-outs) that are auctioned off to the highest bidder. In past years, these have gone for as much as $300 each so many boats pool their money together to win the bids. This is significant because half of the total money raised at the auction goes to the winner of the race …yes, it can be sizable! After you take possession of your ship, then you spend the morning decorating it for yet another prize for best decorated ship & captain. So bring your auction money and decorating supplies to maximize your winnings. 11am. – 2pm. Pirate ship decorating and perhaps a cribbage tournament Dress up those boats and yourselves to strike fear in the islands with SYC’s armada of its scariest pirates and ships. There will be prizes awarded, of course, for the best dressed/decorated. 2pm. – 4pm. Pirate ship race 6pm. Potluck dinner in the picnic shelter Bring a dish to share, plates & utensils. (If you bring extra guests, but sure to bring enough for everyone) A-I Main dish J-R Side[...]