November 22, 2019 all-day
SYC Yacht Club
310 N 1st St
La Conner, WA 98257
SYC Board

Welcome to the SYC “Reindeer Romp!” Friday, Nov 22, 2019. For those of you that might be confused about the date, it was Dec 1. We changed it to Nov 22 in order to gain participation and enjoy the festivities of La Conner’s ‘Jingle Belles’ A Ladies Night of Shopping in La Conner. A time to enjoy restaurants, shops and bars, meet new people but most importantly an event to have lots of fun. Don’t forget to wear your antlers!

This is a Ladies Only group event, so we want to stick together as much as possible. We will gather and schedule timed visits to stores and restaurants in order to fit it all in. It, meaning, a fun filled evening of surprises, laughter and comradery. Don’t feel bad if you want to stay longer at any one place, just catch up with us (We don’t want you lose you, luv!)

Shops are open till 7:30pm so we’ll want to get a good start. The plan is to meet at the Chamber of Commerce to get our coupon book, bag and a glass of cheer. From there we’ll have some handsome drivers transport us to the other end of town so we can work our way back to the club for some more cheer (BYOB) and appys (BYOA). This is where plans change a bit. Everyone is welcome back at the club. That includes you too, men.

So back to the Reindeer festivities……..If you want to participate in 3 tastings at various restaurant locations, between our shopping stops please bring $30 to cover costs (drink + tip). If you don’t want to participate in the tastings please come join us anyway. There will be surprise topics at each destination. A treasurer has been assigned to collect your $30 at the beginning of our event to ensure we move the group along smoothly and quickly with little to no fuss. It is imperative we all meet promptly at 5:00pm at the Chamber to secure a ride to our first destination. If you are unable to make it at this time please let us know and we’ll accommodate the best we can. At least get a schedule so you can meet up with us down the road.

Who is invited: SYC ladies +1 or +2 (for member encouragement), family or friends
Time: 5:00pm – 7:30pm
*RSVP required: This is a scheduled event so please let Jan Robertson or Tracy Carr know who is coming, include your name and how many in your party
Jan Robertson 360-319-2128 (text please) or email to missjan71@gmail.com
Tracy Carr 360-770-8640 (text please) or email to tlcarr5@gmail.com
Required dress: Antlers & Reindeer accessories

Can’t wait to see you all Nov 22 – HO, HO, HO (oh Santa, stop it, it Rudolf’s day) 😊

Jan & Tracy